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GIFT GUIDE | organic skincare & favorite beauty products

Here is the first GIFT GUIDE out of a series of guides leading up to Christmas - treat yourself or your favorite Studio Girl!

Click the button "SHOP SKINCARE" below to head to my Beauty Counter Consultants site to shop all of my favorite skincare products. I own & use regularly everything pictured in the gallery - also, check out the cute mini oils gift... only available this time of year.

I wear the BARE minimum amount of makeup & really desire to switch to organic make-up along with my skincare, but here are my favorite beauty products when I do decide to "get ready."

foundation: CC+ SPF 50+ cream in Medium Tan

setting powder: CC+ powder in Medium Tan

bronzer: Covergirl TRUBLEND golden sunrise

foundation & angle brush: i use different ones than pictured, but this almost the same!

lipstick: Loreal 800 Fairest Nude

lip liner: NYX Soft Spoken

eyebrows: elf eyebrow kit in medium

not pictured: KKW eyeshadow palette is discontinued

My biggest [definitely not a secret] help to being ready early in the morning & managing through long days is my Powder Shaded Brows + Lash Extensions. If you're local - GO GET THEM DONE. They save so much time + help you wear less makeup.

Feel free to reach out to me for any other skincare or beauty products I may have not mentioned here [hopefully this covered mostly everything]. Your next GIFT GUIDE is coming soon!

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