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I am passionate about helping individuals build confidence by gaining strength physically & mentally through these private routine workouts I created at the studio. 

I grew up playing softball & trained in a small group of athletes in order to excel in my sport. I graduated from Prince George High School in 2008 & landed a scholarship at James Madison University where I graduated in 2012 with my BS in Kinesiology - Exercise Science. After graduating, I transitioned from being an athlete to figuring out how to make fitness a regular part of my life in a new way. My mission then turned to providing a regimen for adults that was structured & centered around a balanced weekly plan in order to keep fitness a regular part of their life. 

The studio was founded in 2014 & became established in a physical location in March 2015. After three years, the studio is now located at my private residence. This transition has opened up more flexibility in my life & we love the extra privacy.

Whether you're a past, private or future client - thank you for giving the studio a chance to make an impact on your life!


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