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GIFT GUIDE | gym hair, we definitely care!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Check out my favorite hair products, accessories for the gym & tips for taking care of it when you regularly workout.


  1. ONCE A WEEK WASH: I only wash my hair when its necessary - usually just once a week. Start by limiting yourself until you can get down to that weekly wash.

  2. PROFESSIONAL SALON PRODUCTS ONLY: I do my best to stick with the top products - you'll see the Redken Shampoo/Conditioner below + the Unite Spray linked to my favorite local salon. Drop by BLVD926 to buy any OLAPLEX or UNITE products - they are happy to help you pick the best for you.

  3. WEAR A HAT: If you constantly wear your hair up to workout, you'll start pulling that front hair out - wear a hat & pull it into a low pony or braid whenever possible.

  4. SATIN SCRUNCHIES: These satin scrunchies have kept me from pulling out so much hair. Sometimes I just want to throw my hair up in a bun & these allow me to do that safer.

  5. REGULAR HAIR APPOINTMENTS & TRIMS: Don't neglect getting your hair trimmed - even if you want it to grow, you need to see your stylist regularly.

  6. MINIMUM HEAT: I let my hair dry overnight or air dry during the day. Use the least amount of heat as possible. I try to only use the flat iron, wand, or crimper up to twice a week.



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