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GIFT GUIDE | gym day must haves!

Throw your favorite leggings on, grab your studio gear & add these MUST HAVES to your #gymdayroutine !


  • Tank Tops: i wear a medium in these - they are cropped, but the lululemon aligns come up pretty close to the bottom

  • Swift Runs: cheaper adidas shoe out of the two - they're ideal for casual wear, but don't give me the most support [but look great with jeans too]

  • Ultra Boost: all time favorite shoe to wear all day + when working out - i require a lot of support & my feet never ache at the end of the day from these... worth the splurge!

  • Satin Scrunchies: stop breaking your hair off with bad ties, you need these

  • Adidas Hat: i have these in so many colors - if you don't want to order, Marshall's regularly carries them... ideal for a "didn't wash my hair today" look

  • AdvoCare Pre: our studio fav - click the link to search my advocare page for other supplements

  • Water Jug: this really helps me get a gallon in - when i'm struggling drinking enough water, i carry this around with me all day

  • Socks: cheap, no-shows... grab them in the old navy check-out line

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