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My Go-TO Workout Pant

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

HEY ya'll! I'm pretty excited to reach each of you outside of the studio. On this studio blog, you'll find links to all of our favorite fitness gear, organic beauty products + anything "studio talk" with just a click.

Dedicating our first blog post to the BEST Workout Pant - You'll see me wear them in all of the studio pics + I'm sure you've heard of our studio discussions on our "lulus" - introducing you to the Lululemon Aligns!

I wear the 21" crop. It runs true to size - I order my jean size. Promise you... these won't fall down during your workout!

The 25" fits me full length. If you're ordering your first pair I say buy black then expand to different colors. I have an assortment of 10+ now & they're all still hanging in there for me. I do hang dry them to help them last longer.

I can't wait for you to get your first LULUS!

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