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It's time to TRANSFORM your life | WELCOME PAGE!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Hey there - I'm your Trainer, Caitlen [on the right] and your Yoga Instructor, Amie is on the left! I want to first say how proud I am of you stepping out of your comfort zone & beginning your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You may have a long history of wanting to lose 5-10 pounds, you may have never worked out in your entire life, maybe you have a ton of nutrition knowledge, but you can't seem to get back on that healthy path - whatever your story is, I'm excited for you to begin this transformation so you'll start feeling like your best self.


  1. Your payment plan has been attached to these private blogs. You can click print - then save these as a PDF so you'll have them for life. I will continue to do these challenges so if you're ever feeling stuck again, feel free to join us - I promise it will keep you on track so you can reach all of your goals!

  2. This challenge is specifically for weight loss and creating a healthy routine with food + exercise. Please reference the MAIN TRANSFORM PAGE to answer any other FAQ.

  3. Please reach out to me as needed - save my number & then text me your name if you're new to the studio [ 804-691-4776 ]. I will be checking in on you in the private Facebook group so get ready to be honest & tell me everything you're struggling with so I can help you get to where you desire to be. You'll also text me your BEFORE PICTURE! If you've already sent me your before picture from a previous challenge, then you'll only owe me and AFTER PICTURE at the end.

  4. The healthy habits you'll create from this challenge are lifelong - don't expect to see changes overnight. This is the only way to create longterm success for yourself.

Now go check out your Meal Plan + Exercise Program & prep yourself for DAY ONE!

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