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The studio is located privately in South Chesterfield, Virginia & blends both personal training & group exercise to create the best workout experience you'll ever have!


Establish that workout routine you've always wanted by attending studio workouts on the regular. The workout is set up for you, you just have to show up.


The studio split routine allows you to return daily with proper muscle recovery in between. You'll feel comfortable enough to walk in at any stage of your fitness journey.


With loud music & top instructors on the mic, you'll be pushed out of your normal comfort zone. You'll be the next one saying, "this is the longest i've ever worked out!"


You won't do this alone. Our studio community will always have your back. From step challenges, to fun 5k's & holding you accountable to come back to class - you'll meet people on the same journey as you. We'll give you avenues to give back to your local community & we'll give back to you with events like our annual Fall Festival.

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  • Studio 5K Fun Run & Walk
    Sat, Jun 10
    The Highlands
    Jun 10, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    The Highlands, 8136 Highland Glen Dr, Chesterfield, VA 23838, USA


Workouts are constantly changing while you steadily evolve into a stronger & more confident you.
Expect to walk in every day with the workout set-up & ready to go.
Each workout now includes a warm-up, core exercises, modifications for any fitness level and a cool-down..

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















MONDAY: Lower Body + Cardio

TUESDAY: Chest & Arms

WEDNESDAY: Back + Cardio

THURSDAY: Lower Body

FRIDAY & Saturday: Total Body


It may be one of the toughest workouts on the schedule, but it sets the tone at the beginning of each week with a blend of strength training & various cardio moves - this hybrid workout zeros in on your glutes.


The highest attended workout of the week! We love a good upper body day focused on chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. These circuits will pull you out of your normal routine & challenge you enough to actually love your arms again.


Have you ever wanted to do a pull-up? Even if that answer was a - hard PASS, a strong back is what all of us need. In addition to pulling exercises, cardio is implemented in a quick & painless way throughout the circuit.


Our second leg day of the week that focuses on a full circuit of hamstring, quad, & core exercises without the added pressure of completing cardio.


Ready to hit every muscle? See you on Friday's for a fun yet challenging full body circuit! It's the perfect workout to wrap up your week.


Sweat with us on Saturday's during thirty second partner stations. Grab a friend to join you in the circuit zoned in on metabolic conditioning & total body exercises.


Specializing in Restorative Yoga - Amie will take you through a flow of stretches to loosen you up & work on those problematic areas that tighten up during studio workouts week to week. Amie's classes are booked separately on her website - Click BOOK NOW to book the 5:30pm Thursday night class.


Training with Caitlen has been a breath of fresh air and such a delight! Caitlen is an amazing trainer who trains with intentionality while making exercise enjoyable and something I look forward to. When I started with Caitlen, I had unwanted body fat and my strength was not up to par. Since I've been training with her, I've toned immensely, unwanted body fat has dwindled, and I feel great! Studio M is not just a place where people come together to exercise, it is a community. Caitlen allows us to be a part of her vision giving to several charitable projects to make a difference in the community. If you are looking for an amazing trainer and person, look no further, Caitlen is the person you have been looking for. I'm grateful to be a part of Caitlen's fitness community!

Pamela Allen


I began working out at Studio M several years ago after months of physical therapy for a back issue. Caitlen addressed my concerns and helped me gain core strength. It has helped my back tremendously and I look forward to my workouts. We work hard, but she creates a fun, relaxed, positive environment which feels like a community. I feel more physically fit & have more energy, less aches & pains in my forties that I did in my twenties.

Amie Foster


I started coming to Studio M about two years ago. It has been life changing for me! I lost over 30 lbs and have muscles that I never thought were possible. It's my favorite part of the day now. Caitlen not only encourages us on the daily, she also comes up with ways we can promote health and wellness outside the gym. Studio M is family to me!

Monica Brennan


I have been at the studio since March 2016 & have lost 105 lbs & continue to keep it off. The studio has brought me consistency, knowledge, friendships, accountability & confidence. Caitlen is knowledgeable - I trust her as a person, her opinions & advice have been so valuable. She is constantly communicating with us & includes fun events throughout the seasons for our families to also enjoy. I'm forever grateful for her expertise, kindness & experience throughout my journey.

Callie Nunnally


I LOVE THE STUDIO! It has been incredibly beneficial in my life over the past two years. I have gone from postpartum uncertainties, to feeling the best I EVER have after becoming a mom. Caitlen & the studio helped me shred my postpartum weight while regaining my health, strength & confidence. The environment is uplifting while the workouts are diverse & challenging. There is no other facility like it.

Ashley Gold


The experience you have when being part of the Studio is just that! You are part of a fantastic group of people that inspire, encourage, and uplift you. Mind, body, and soul! I started going to the Studio right before I turned 40 and I am stronger, healthier, and more confident than I have ever been! Caitlen always helps you reset when you may start to get off track. Not sure how she does it, but that board always says exactly what you need when you walk into the Studio. Much love to Caitlen and all the great friends I've had the pleasure of working out with throughout my fitness journey!

Kendra Godwin

I have been going to Studio M for about six years on & off. I love going to Caitlen because I feel like she has created a judge free zone for working out. She does not make you feel bad if you skip a month or two. Every time I have taken a break from working out & I want to get back on track she does not hesitate to welcome me back to the studio. Working out can be intimidating, but I feel strong & confident after every workout. If you want a great workout & a want to support a small business I would definitely recommend trying out Studio M.

Morgan McCoy


Elko Road

South Chesterfield, VA 23803